Capital and talent are portable. They will go where the best opportunities are. Also, capital is more and more just a commodity. So the right investors offer more than just capital. Equally important, not everyone is or should be an entrepreneur. It is a lonely and sometimes difficult life. There are always uncertainties, difficult decisions, imperfect data and information, and things going wrong.

Smart investors back bold individuals who are meant to be entrepreneurs.

And the ones with access to experienced investors and advisors, strong networks, and industry insights have the best chance of succeeding. That’s what we aim to do. Find the best teams who are agile, passionate, committed, and can build rapport. We back them not only with capital but also with our experience, relationships, expertise, and advice to help them succeed.

Our job is to guide them through the next round of financing and the lifecycle of their companies. We keep entrepreneurs supported through CEO Dinners, access to institutional capital, guidance, recruiting, and top advisors throughout all stages of their companies.